Review of Volkswagen of Oakland in the San Francisco Bay Area

Feedback Completed: 09/06/2010
Dealership Name: Volkswagen of Oakland
Name: Amy
Sales Employee: David C. Parsons

Overall Score: 100%

1. Thinking about your salesperson’s knowledge, and communication, skills, rate this individual’s overall performance?
10 (9 of 9)

2. Please rate the individual with whom you worked during the paperwork and finance phase in terms of their communications skills, professionalism and courtesy?
10 (9 of 9)

3. When you took delivery was your interior and exterior clean?
Yes (1 of 1)

4. Rate the dealership facility in terms of vehicle selection, cleanliness, and convenience of the hours of operation?
10 (9 of 9)

5. How would you rate the dealership’s consideration for your time throughout the process purchase process?
10 (9 of 9)


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