Here what VW of Oakland’s customers have to say about their experiences.

Customer:  John
Response Date:  10/22/2010
My service was to be delayed beyond its original “ready” time and I was advised by cell phone of the delay. The delay was less than anticipated and I was treated fairly by my consultant
Score:  100.0

Customer:  David
Response Date:  10/22/2010
Rafael, the shuttle driver was very helpful.
Score:  100.0

Customer:  Jeffery
Response Date:  10/20/2010
It was an easy and fast experience. Just the way I wanted it.
Score:  94.4

Customer:  Jim
Response Date:  10/21/2010
Very good service experience.
Score:  100.0

Customer:  Joseph
Response Date:  10/19/2010
My thanks to the professional staff at Oakland Volkswagen. It is rare to be in a dealership where customer service, honesty and integrity are so evident.
Score:  100.0

Customer:  Kaethe
Response Date:  10/18/2010
My services consultant was excellent! She was sensitive to my schedule. She was courteous and professional.
Thank you, Charlotte!
Score:  100.0

Customer:  Jennifer
Response Date:  10/17/2010
Marin is awesome!!! So is Noe Jr. (sp?) – detailer. He gave me a ride home. Two of the automatic windows went out just two months after the warranty expired. I’m glad I purchased the extended warranty, but it would have been nice if VW covered the repair.
Score:  100.0

Customer:  Gina
Response Date:  10/16/2010
I am so happy that I was able to get my car serviced from you. I was welcomed by the staff, and am amazed at the quality of teamwork. I am definitely bringing my car back for future services, even though I live in Milpitas! You guys are awesome!
Score:  94.4

Customer:  Emilio
Response Date:  10/13/2010
While I appreciated Jimmy’s initial help & info via the website chat (that’s how we verified that the car we were interested was available), it was Gary Label’s approach & rapport at the dealer that “made” the sale (Jimmy was busy with another appointment).
One small detail we didn’t cover in the overview & demo: how to go in reverse (manual transmission)
Score: 94.1


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