A great review

Nathan C.

I am a tough person to make happy. I especially dread walking onto used car lots and being bombarded by slippery sales people. I’ve been known to send a few home crying to their wives and mothers for having been too direct and no-nonsense.
When it came time for me to get a new vehicle, I did my research and found the VW’s were on the up and up (in regards to the Consumer Reports reviews, which is about the only thing I trust these days). So shopping I went.
When I arrived at VW Oakland, I was met by Keith. He was not only super chill and “no pressure”, he was respectful of my space and kept his distance when I said I was just looking.
When I had narrowed the field of possible purchases, I was crystal clear of what I was going to spend and made it clear to Keith that I wasn’t in the mood to negotiate or go back and forth with sales tactics.
He was quick to reach out to the sales manager and financing people at the dealership and came back with a bottom line offer. I didn’t have play games, deal with double-speak or any other shenanigans. We had a deal on paper soon thereafter. From beginning to end, they were clear about what they could and could not do in regards to the deal I was looking for. They didn’t mess around and try to lure me into anything I wasn’t totally comfortable with.
At the end of the day, I drove off I a great 2008 VW Jetta for the price I wanted and the warranty that made me feel totally secure.
I would absolutely refer a friend to VW of Oakland. Given, you need to do your own homework and be prepared to work with them when you arrive. But when all was said and done, I never had to deal with anything but professionals. It was such a relief.


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